Patrick Caulfield's 1999 print

(click on image for a brief explanation in "The Telegraph," of London)

This was the last print that Patrick Caulfield made and at 132.1 cm x 111.7 cm (52 inches x 44 inches), his largest.

If anyone were to ask me: "which print of Caulfield's don't you own, but wish you did?" I would say without hesitation "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon vues de Derriere," which was issued in an edition of 65 with 14 proofs in 1999.  It was printed by Advanced Graphics, London, and Published by Alan Cristea Gallery, London.

Since I don't own it -- among other considerations, I would have a hard time finding an appropriate place to hang it -- it wasn't in the 2008 exhibit at Seattle University.

I have included it here partially because it illustrates Caulfield's acknowledgement of important, ground breaking work that came before him, and partially because it illuminates his wonderful sense of humor.

Les Demoiselles d'Auvignon, from the front and from the rear

Pablo Picasso's 1907 oil painting

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