Some Poems of Jules Laforgue.

It is not uncommon that prints are made for the purpose of illuminating manuscripts. Invited by Petersburg Press to make a limited edition book, Patrick Caulfield chose as his subject the work of French symbolist poet Jules Faforgue, an important influence on the Anglo/American poet, playwright and critic T.S. Eliot, among others.

A leather-bound book of 22 prints illustrating 12 of Laforgue's poems was published in 1973 by Petersburg Press in association with Waddington Galleries, London. There were three editions:

-- the book in English with a slip case containing six signed loose prints that was released in a edition 200 with 20 proofs;

-- the book with the original French text together with a slip case containing six loose prints (different from those with the English version) that was released in an edition of 200 with 20 proofs, and

-- the book in English together with a portfolio of all 22 signed images printed on paper with wide margins that was released in an edition of 100 with 20 proofs.

In addition, a paperback version was released in 1995.

Some commentary on this project is provided by the blog Art & Artists, and pictures of the individual prints with the related lines from Laforgue's poems are provided by the Tate Gallery.

Since I do not own one of these books or any of the individual prints, they were not included in the 2008 exhibit at Seattle University. They are referenced here because the project is a very significant aspect of Caulfield's work with prints.